Seriously, “a bitch” is what my grandmother calls me, but at least she does it to my face. You’re gonna have to do better.

God you're a bitch

And you’re a coward.

I got hot while looking at your blog, so I turned on my ceiling fan.
Prelude to Domesticity

Prelude to Domesticity

I was more worried about her getting hit in the head.

This is way too obvious and straightforward for the youth of tumblr.com what is YOUR problem??

I mean me too.

tumblr apologizes

tumblr apologizes

I went to my favorite thrift store I guess because that's the last thing I need to be doing with my time. Anyway I usually paw through a few records and I was surprised to see Human Sexual Response. Of course if I didn't follow your blog it would have meant nothing, but thanks to your nonsensical link to that rather unsettling video, I knew better than to buy it against whatever native curiosity I might otherwise have had. You may not agree with my judgment; nonetheless thanks for the insight

Happy to have been of service, seriously, but yeah you’re wrong.